Southwest Water Conservation District

Southwest Water Conservation District Board of Directors
Established pursuant to the State of Colorado House Bill #795 approved by the General assembly on April 16, 1941

Monte Naslund Montrose County 12/21/2009 01/01/2016

The charter of the SWWCD is to protect, conserve, use and develop the water resources of the Southwestern basin for the welfare of the District, and to safeguard for Colorado all waters of the basin to which the State is entitled. It is one of four Conservation Districts in the State.

The SWWCD Board of Directors is appointed by the County Commissioners from each of the southwestern Colorado counties in the San Juan and Dolores river basins. There are currently eight members of the Board and each serve a three-year term. This board oversees the district, sets budgets and determines the actions that the water district takes.

Meetings are held at the District Office, 841 Second Avenue in Durango. For more information call the District offices at 970-247-1302. SWWCD email or visit the website.